"Shangri-la " Anime series

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Sci-Fi Novel Award winning book “Shangri-La" is now adapted into anime!

The anime series is based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name which was written by Eiichi Ikegami and won the first place in 2005 Japanese Sci-Fi Novel Award.

With character designs by internationally acclaimed artist Range Murata (Last Exile, Blue Submarine No. 6), series structure by Hiroshi Ohnogi (Kekkaishi, Birdy the Mighty) and directed by Makoto Bessho (animation director of Ah! My Goddess Movie, Brave Story), SHANGRI-LA is set to be another major international hit from legendary anime studio GONZO (Last Exile, Blue Submarine No. 6, Yukikaze, Samurai 7, Witchblade, Afro Samurai).

A must-see by a dream team of acclaimed talents

Taking on this challenging project is the cutting-edge studio GONZO renowned for its mastership in action scenes and 3DCGI. The production team is gearing up to go into production full-throttle!

Broadcasting in Japan from April 2009!!


The story is set in a neo-futuristic age, in which Tokyo has turned into the world’s largest “jungle-polis” that absorbs carbon dioxide. A tower city called Atlas houses the rich and privileged, and is the object of yearning of all that are not allowed to enter. But Atlas also has ancient secrets which cause a sudden whirl of events. Festooned by colorful characters such as a riotous teenage girl, a child genius, a juvenile princess, a drag queen, a female doctor, an army major, and an elderly gentleman and lady, SHANGRI-LA’s hard-core world view plays out as an anime action saga.

A striking vision of Earth's future from some of Japan's foremost creative talents, SHANGRI-LA is a tale of greed and division vs. bravery and the human spirit. Set against the backdrop of a Tokyo cityscape turned into a teeming jungle by runaway global warming, with the elite living in the comfort of the tower city, Atlas, and the less-privileged masses struggling in the squalor in the jungle – only one girl, Kuniko Hojo, and her band of guerrillas can find a way to preserve the future for everyone.



Based on the original novel by: Eiichi Ikegami
Director: Makoto Bessho
Series Structure: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Creative Producer: Takeshi Mori
Character Design: Range Murata
Animation Character Design: Kumi Ishii
Creative Supervisor: Shingo Takeba
Art Design: Hajime Satoh
Design Works: Takuhito Kusanagi, Hajime Satoh, Umanosuke Iida, Fumihiro Katagai, Tomohiro Kawahara
Sound Director: Youta Tsuruoka
Sound Production: RAKUONSHA
Music: flying DOG / JVC Entertainment
Animation Production: GONZO
Presented by: SHANGRI-LA Partners

Character designs by Range Murata

Range Murata, known for his unique style of bishōjo as well as tasteful illustrations of classy and cool men, has visualized the image of the original novel magnificently. In addition to the appearance of the characters, the costume and props also play an important part in bringing about this intriguing world. The heroine Kuniko manipulates a gigantic boomerang at will, 8 year-old princess Mikuni is adorned in a gorgeous kimono from the ancient Heian era of around a millennium ago, and 10 year-old prodigy scientist Karin controls the “carbon economy” of the world at her fingertips. Murata’s designs are sure to satisfy the eyes of even the most discriminating anime fans!

Watch episodes online!


ข้อมูลและภาพบางส่วนจากเว็บไซท์ :http://www.anime-shangri-la.jp/ และ Newtype Magazine

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